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Zebra Homes Tackles Affordable Housing Crisis

(Zebra Homes, 2016)

In February 2015 the average price for a new home was £256,000 and for a pre-owned dwelling £269,000. These prices are not affordable as the average employee earns £26,500 and can only borrow up to 5 times that. This therefore means home ownership is a dream for the average person.


Zebra homes aims to change this outlook on the housing market offering affordable homes that begin from £120,000. This is considerably lower than affordable houses by today’s terms. The way we can develop houses so cost effectively is due to our patented modular building systems. These systems allow us to build a complete house within a matter of days.


With our long-term strategy of building 50 houses a week within the UK, we have strategic plans to expand to the global market. This is due to the housing shortage not only affecting the UK but the global housing market.